Carmen Rosa Martínez

  • Years 0
  • Country   SPAIN
  • Sport MTB
  • Modality 1ª MTB DOWNTOWN
  • Sponsors CC CORUXO
  • Best score in O'Marisquiño 2ª MTB Downtown 2017
  • 1ª Spanish MTB National Championships 2016, 24ª World Championship 2016
  • Social Networks
  • Description Carmen Rosa Martinez started riding bikes through dirt jumps, street and some BMX. Hailing from Vigo in Northern Spain, it wasn’t too long until downhill was shoved under her nose. The World Cup circus coming to her home town was too strong a draw to resist. Since then, “Rosi” has been multiple Junior Spanish Champion and is looking to make a successful move into the elite category at the Spanish Championships, Galicia Cup and Portuguese Cups. Photo 1: Diego Rodríguez Gómez
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