Does the festival have a lost property service?

Yes, it is located at the information and merchandising points which are also used to store lost objects. The lost documentation will be handed over to the relevant authorities at the end of the event.


Does the festival have access and areas reserved for persons with reduced mobility?

Persons with reduced mobility have exclusive access to specific areas in order to ensure their maximum vision and comfort during the competitions.


What time do the competitions start?

The on-site sports activities start from 10 a.m. and end at 10 p.m. The music, leisure and catering continue until 1 a.m. All information on schedules will be updated on the web or in the festival’s mobile application.


Can I have lunch and dinner on the premises?

Food is available throughout the day from 12 noon to 1 a.m.  You will find bars and food stalls spread throughout the grounds, in addition to the famous "Pulpero" Festival.


Are there any nearby car parks?

There are two public car parks on site plus a third in Berbés square a short distance away. The first one is under the esplanade by the sea and the second is under the Plaza de la Estrella.


Is there health care at the festival?

There are several civil protection posts attached to the runways, medical services on site, as well as fully-equipped ambulances.


Are there public toilets on site?

Public services are available on all parts of the site.


How can I hire a stand at O Marisquiño?

You can request information about a reservation by sending an email to


Is there merchandising space?

Yes, there are two official festival spaces dedicated to the sale of T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, etc. In addition, some of the sponsors have their own stands where they sell their branded products.


If I have a problem, is there a safety point at the festival?

In the event of any serious problems that may arise you can contact the organisation’s staff or the security personnel working all over the site, who will help you in any way they can.


Where do I get information, maps and timings for the event?

You can get all the information with the schedules and maps of the event on our website, in the festival’s mobile application or in the programme provided on site at the information point.


How do I sign up to compete?

You will find the steps to follow on the web page for each discipline.


What do I need to enrol and compete if I am a minor?

Complete the permit, which can be found on the web or in the registration area for ​​the sports venues. In addition the parent or guardian must sign this document and be present during the tests.


Can I take photos inside sports venues?

No. Access to the slopes is strictly forbidden. We recommend the use of telephoto lenses.


How can I obtain my press accreditation?

In the press section on the website there is a form for requesting accreditation that you must complete. The press department will check your request and get in touch with you.


Do you hire volunteers?

No, the festival does not have a team of volunteers.


How can I work at the event?

You can send a C.V to Marisquiño will contact you if, at any given time, they need additional staff.