The WCS circuit unveiled

Skateboarding has undergone a constant transformation since its origins as regards construction materials, tricks or practice spaces. Currently, within the infinite range of possible tricks that can be done, there is some emphasis on tricks on inclined planes rather than transitional jump ramps, widely used at the end of the 80s. There is also a return to the ollies on pyramidal structures and basic flat tricks, now applied on handrails, curbs and benches.

Throughout all this time, parks have proliferated for their practice all over the globe, constantly changing their designs. This year O marisquiño wants to make a nod to one of the oldest skateparks in southern Europe, "La Kantera", a worldwide-recognised skateboard temple located in Getxo, Basque Country, which has been running for decades. In addition, we add convex shapes as a break with the inclined planes and add the longest handrail built so far in the event as well as two curbs more than 10 meters long in both, downhill and straight. And as a hallmark, we keep a module traditionally used in the beginnings of O Marisquiño, the pyramid of the Castro Park, with the half that the original lacks. Alvaro Pastor has designed this park for the Marisquiño.