August 8-11 2024 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia
About O Marisquiño

About O Marisquiño

O Marisquiño started in 2001 as a friendly championship organized by local skaters at the Castro de Vigo skatepark. Gradually, it transformed into what it is today, growing sustainably and adapting to new times, new disciplines, and new audiences while always maintaining the authenticity of its early years. From Castro to Samil Beach and then to the Port of Vigo, we have witnessed the growth of circuits, the addition of downhill, the elevated level of BMX, Skateboarding becoming a World Cup event, the inclusion of Break Dance, Dirt Jump, Graffiti, and more. Over 22 years, we have gone from 200 to 160,000 visitors, and we have seen riders like Danny León go from being a kid to an international reference.

Now, a new stage begins for the festival, aiming to establish the foundation for the celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2025 and beyond. This year, the festival relocates its main activities - Skateboarding, BMX, and Dirt Jump - to Samil Beach, a cherished and memorable space in the event's history.

In this way, the festival continues to grow, expanding throughout the city to places like the Samil Beach, Porta do Sol, and Plaza del Berbés. The World Cup Skateboarding continues, 3x3 Basketball solidifies as an Olympic discipline under FIBA, BMX returns to its essence after its debut in the Olympics, and Break Dance - present in Vigo for over a decade - has just been selected as an Olympic discipline for Paris 2024. The festival has become a global reference for Urban Culture.

Many riders come not only for the competition, points, or prizes but also for the city, its people, the audience, and the atmosphere. Despite the spectacular growth over these 22 years, O Marisquiño remains the festival where everyone wants to come and where we all are part of it.

The Marisquiño team wants to express their gratitude to all the elite athletes, professionals, and amateurs, to all the event staff, to the brands and institutions that continue to trust our team, but above all, to the audience who gives meaning to it all. Thank you very much!