Basket 3x3 FIBA - 2021

After 2020 without competitions O MARISQUIÑO is now pushing forward with positive energy and optimism so that 2021 will be a year in which everything impossible becomes possible, despite the circumstances, and thus once again enjoy sport on the air! free!

We are now pleased to present within the framework of the Festival the third edition of the FIBA 3X3 modality test that will be held on August 6th, 7th, and 8th in Vigo.

The test will be qualifying to compete in the tournament (to be confirmed) Challenger 2021. 16 will be the teams selected so that only one of them gets the ticket and the privilege of playing at the next international level.

But there is still more! One of the great novelties that we are pleased to announce for the XX edition, will be our own and first 3X3 Senior Female O MARISQUIÑO event integrated into the same format of the event.

At this first women's event and the third edition of the 3X3 event, we are proud to have a luxury ambassador of Spanish women's basketball from Vigo, María Araújo, an active professional player for Uni Girona in the Endesa Women's League and a player for the Spanish national team feminine. There will be 8 teams selected where the objective will also be to compete at the highest level and win the final prize, in a unique setting and with an audience devoted to the competition as well as equal and, equal prizes to the men.

In both Senior modalities, the rules will be the official FIBA, simple and designed to make 3x3 a frenetic, spectacular and, exciting game. In 10 minutes of the game, you have to score 21 points; Each basket is worth 1 point, inside the goal and 2 points, if it is from outside. The first team to score 21 points or more wins the game if this happens before 10 minutes. If, on the other hand, after ten minutes no team exceeds that mark, the one with the most points win. In the event of a tie after ten minutes, there will be one minute of rest and an additional time will be played until a team manages to score 2 points.

“Last but not Least”, the two tests will take place in La Plaza de la Estrella.

This enclave will have all the sanitary, capacity, and security measures without giving up comfort, the watts of the most select Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk music led by Dj Jas, together with the vibration of the public and the energy of the competition, will make the Basket one of the top events where no one will want to lose their place.

Pre-Registration Period: from Abril 15th to May 31st May

More information at  [email protected]

Competition Hours 

Saturday 7: 11 am to 7:30 pm approx.

Sunday 8: 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. approx.

* These schedules can be modified in the event of force majeure.

Pre-registration process

All registrations received within the period from April 15th to May 31st (both inclusive), will be evaluated and selected according to the criteria of the event organization.

Pre-registration form

The communication to each of the teams selected to participate in the tournament will be effective with the deadline on Friday the 4th of June, 2021 via email and what's up through Player 1 - Captain, with the corresponding confirmation of participation back on behalf of the team.

Registration fee and payment

Payment will be made with a deadline, Friday the 11th of June, through the website itself (www.omarisquiñ, through credit card in a single payment for each of the previously communicated teams and selected by the organization.

Senior Fémina 60€
Senior Masculina 60€

Essential Requirements

- All tournament participants must have a profile created and active in FIBA - - with all the data correctly filled in.

- Mandatory PCR with a negative test result in the 72 hours prior for every tournament participant arriving from foreign countries.

All information regarding accreditations, game kits, welcome pack, etc. will be provided in the days before the tournament.


3X3 O MARISQUIÑO Senior Female 

 Winner 1000€
 2nd Finalist 500€

3X3 O MARISQUIÑO Senior Male

 Winner 1.000 € + Tickets to (TBC - to be confirmed) Challenger 2021 (city to be confirmed) 
 2nd Finalist 500€

Find more information at


Aimed at 30 boys and girls between 12 and 18 years old who want to get in touch with the world of 3x3 Basket in a very complete professional circuit, led by O MARISQUIÑO monitors who will attend to the needs of each participant.

Sponsored by GADIS, several prizes will be awarded: gift vouchers for their centres, as well as other establishments in Vigo related to the world of urban sports.

Click here for more information and registration for the O Marisquino 2021 workshops.