August 10-13 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia


Event Schedule Artists

The musical lineup of O Marisquiño continues this year with a diverse selection of young artists. From local emerging heroes to established national acts and internationally renowned artists, we have curated a lineup that represents a wide range of musical genres that are popular among the audience and Marisquiño fans, including urban, hip hop, trap, Latin/reggaeton, and electronic music.

We are proud to present a balanced and inclusive lineup, with a notable presence of talented female artists and collectives that celebrate diversity and inclusion. At O Marisquiño, we value and promote these principles.

All the performances will take place at the new Vibra Mahou Stage, located in the beautiful Dornas Gardens, right by Samil Beach. With the stunning backdrop of the Cíes Islands and one of the most breathtaking sunsets of the Vigo Estuary, the stage is set for unforgettable concerts and DJ sessions.

Among the featured artists, we have Sticky M.A., one of the most prominent Trap musicians in Spain, who is in top form. We also have Pongo, the Angolan queen of kuduro and former member of Buraka Som Sistema. Albany, a young Catalan singer known for her songs that celebrate sadness and some of the best lyrics of her generation, will also be performing. Another artist to look out for is Munic HB, a Barcelona native of Gambian origin whose songs have been gaining unstoppable popularity on digital platforms.

Additionally, we have the presence of Oddliquor, the project by Madrid-based musician Marcos Terrones, who will be joining us in Samil. And let's not forget Beauty Pikete, a young local talent who has already collaborated with artists like C. Tangana and Recycled J.

The lineup is truly diverse, featuring a mix of established names and rising stars, ensuring an unforgettable musical experience at O Marisquiño.

In addition to all these live performances, there will be a rich selection of DJs and collective showcases at O Marisquiño. From the local talent of Sote and Saya, to the presence of Anita B Queen, an argentinean DJ of Korean origin who has opened shows for the internationally renowned Skrillex, the Vigo-based Antípoda (Eon Dream & Royce Rolo) and J. Curto, the Galician artist Clara! who is now based in Brussels and represents one of the leading voices in reggaeton with a strong feminist approach, as well as showcases by Antídoto, one of the most powerful parties in the Madrid clubbing scene, the queer collective Neo2000KLUB, and the Argentinean party Polenta, featuring performances by POL4KA from Argentina and VerusK from Galicia.

As always, all the concerts will be free of charge, allowing everyone to enjoy the incredible music and performances at O Marisquiño.

Welcome concert OM23

On Thursday, August 10th, O Marisquiño will kick off OM23 with a special concert featuring Bad Gyal, in collaboration with the municipal program Festas de Vigo. It will be an exciting event to welcome the audience to O Marisquiño and set the tone for an incredible festival experience. Get ready to enjoy the electrifying performance by Bad Gyal and join in the festivities of OM23!

The Catalan artist, a prominent figure in the scene, will perform at the Castrelos Auditorium on Thursday, August 10th, setting the stage for O Marisquiño on August 11th, 12th, and 13th. The concert by Alba Farelo i Solé, better known as Bad Gyal, solidifies the expansion of urban music throughout Vigo.

Tickets for the pit, as usual, will be available soon through the Vigo en Festas website.