August 10-13 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia


Event Schedule Artists

This year's musical program has been planned around an inclusive and diverse selection of artists, trying to attend to the genres that have the most following among the public and followers of the Festival (urban, hip hop, trap, Latin/reggaeton, electronic... ). All this, with a notable presence of female artists and also taking into account diversity, queer artists reflect the current social reality in our programming. Also note that most of the bands, musicians and DJs are local and from the rest of Galicia (some with international relevance). After two very hard years for artists and the cultural and creative sector, together with the excellent moment that musical creation made in Galicia is experiencing, we believe that the vindication of local talent is more important than ever.

Among the concerts on the Sunset Stage of the Transatlantic Pier, the one by the local Punk/Trap heroes, YOUCANTHIDE, led by the ineffable Kaixo, or Boyanka Kostova (a parallel project of Chicho -Ortiga- and Cibrán, and authors of enormous hymns of trap-muiñeira). Or Pedraxe, a post-adolescent punk sensation, K-Pop aesthetic and skater soul. The deconstructed Emo-Pop of Pup Puppy, Adios Adios & Otro, the very young Trap artist from Vigo Dirty Suc, or the Seville sensation of Trap, R&B and Latin and flamenco rhythms Juicy Bae. In addition to the presentation of Agavi (Galician Association of People Affected by HIV), with Royce Rolo + Henry. All of them are backed by heavyweight DJs in their respective scenes, such as the acclaimed beat maker from Vigo Mwëslee, the young man from Moaña, Sebastian Black and his Confraría Chalana, and the brothers from Vigo who are the revelation of experimental and post-club electronica Yugen Kala, the young creator of beats ruptures and DJ Baby Pantera, or the diva of Neo-Perreo Toccororo.

On the other hand, the new Oasis Stage, located next to the Samil skate area, will program a fortnight of DJs and selectors that cover a wide spectrum of musical genres: from hip hop, to trap, electronic, downtempo or beats futurists. Among them, the international artist from Vigo, Bflecha, the ex-member and alma mater of Banana Bahía, Elecesar, the prince of Disco FonKid, the powerful electro proposal of BABYKATZE, the perreo of La Eterna, the young Iamneke, Iaghost, La Shawty, Morte Morrida or Cactus, the incombustible Phonotoner (Galis115) and Meteoro, the multigenre DJ Russ, the electronics of the Italians Eternal Entropy or the classic Marisquiño Soren Manzoni.

OM22 Welcome Concert

On Thursday, August 11, O Marisquiño will welcome the public of OM22 with a special concert in the Parque de Castrelos -one of the best open-air auditoriums in Galicia- in collaboration with the municipal program Festas de Vigo. They will be welcoming musical performances by two essential artists of the new hip hop and national urban music.

On the one hand, Hijos De La Ruina (HDLR), the trio formed by Recycled J and Natos y Waor (the festival's fetish artist), meets every four years to release new joint work and they will come to Vigo to present it. In addition, the opening act will be Wöyza, from Vigo, already known as the queen of hip hop in Galicia.