BMX - 2021

After a forced pause due to COVID-19 O MARISQUIÑO is now pushing forward with positive energy and optimism so that 2021 will be a year in which everything unimaginable becomes imaginable, despite the circumstances, and in this way once again enjoy sport outdoors!

We are pleased to announce that the field of competitions of this year’s event will include the Queimada Contest which will take place on August 6th, 7th, and 8th in Vigo.

And it comes back this year with exciting news as the Park contest will be an official C1 BMX Freestyle World Cup contest. Also, we want to share our excitement for the Junior Park and Street Pro competitions.

The incorporation of the Queimada Contest into the international calendar of the BMX Freestyle World Cup is a great boost for the consolidation of this event within the O Marisquiño and this will attract the most important federated riders in the world who will try to get UCI points in this event, to compete in this modality you have to be federated, since it is a UCI federated category. As you know, BMX Freestyle Park is a consolidated Olympic sport.

For its 15th anniversary, Queimada Contest wants to preserve its essence and besides the C1 Park competition, it opens the possibility for street riders to have the same relevance in the event also having a non-federated category, which is open, and you do NOT need to be federated to participate. Likewise, the organization grants as a novelty this year the possibility of being able to compete in the two modalities, Park and Street, after applying for the two individual registrations.

All this without forgetting the little ones and little ones, who will also be able to enjoy the event by participating in it through the JUNIOR category which is NOT federated and is free for which any boy or girl between 4 and 14 years old can participate in it without the need to federate.

Registration Process

Registration Period: from May 20 to July 23

Information about registrations at  [email protected]

The registration process will be strictly through the website and with a maximum period of 14 days before the event is held. The organization will limit the number of participants in each category to adjust the schedules, having to comply with the regulation requirements demanded by the UCI.

All registrations received within the period from May 20 to July 23 (both inclusive) will be evaluated and selected according to the criteria of the event organization.


Queimada Contest

The location where the Queimada Contest will be held will be the same as every year, offering the maximum security guarantees and complying with current health regulations at all times. Both riders and the public must strictly comply with the O Marisquiño event guidelines.

We know that this year is atypical and the intention is to carry out this event with the greatest possible rigor to consolidate it and that in the future we can enjoy it as we all knew it before.

Find more information at

BMX workshop

Aimed at boys and girls between 5 and 16 years old who want to have their first contact with the world of BMX in a very complete professional circuit, led by a monitor from O MARISQUIÑO who will attend to the needs of each participant.

They are sponsored by GADIS and will deliver several prizes: gift vouchers for their centres, as well as other establishments in Vigo related to the world of BMX.

Click here for more information and to register for the O Mariquiño 2021 workshops.

Modalities UCI BMX (Federated)
  • UCI - WOMEN ELITE (from 15 years old and federated)
  • UCI - MEN ELITE (from 15 years old and federated)
Open Modalities (Not federated)
  • PRO STREET (all ages, maximum 50 registered)
  • JUNIOR (1) (since 4 age to the age of 14 years before the event, maximum 24 registered)

(1) If you turn 15 in 2021 you are  out of this category.
* BMX is governed by Regulations that can be consulted here.

Junior 20€
Pro street  30€
UCI - Women Elite 30€
UCI - Men Elite 30€

Awards DISCIPLINE C1 - UCI BMX Freestyle (Federated)
1st 2000 euros
2nd 1000 euros
3rd 500 euros
1st 2000 euros
2nd 1000 euros
3rd 500 euros
Awards OPEN DISCIPLINE (Not federated)
1st 2000 euros
2nd 1000 euros
3rd 500 euros
JUNIOR - 4 to 14 age
1st Gifts
2nd Gifts
3rd Gifts
Podium 2019
1st Saúl Vilar
2nd Pol Díaz
3rd Ángel Alonso
Master Men
1st Adrián Ventureira
2nd Bernat Rigau
3rd Francisco Díaz

Master Woman
1st Lara Lessmann
2nd Teresa Fernández- Miranda
3rd Sivan Cole
PRO Street
1st Courage Adams
2nd Fernando Laczko
3rd Corey Martinez

PRO Ramp
1st Sergio Layos
2nd Tom Justice
3rd Daniel Peñafiel
Circuit 2021