August 8-11 2024 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia


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O Marisquiño, the best competition in Europe!

Returns once again to mark 24 editions. Classic!

And as part of the World Cup Skateboarding, we continue to invite the best skaters from the international scene for a new celebration event. The best seafood of the year!


The parking lot nº3 by the beach in Samil, the birthplace of skateboarding in Vigo. The classic location for a classic skate championship. 

The classic link: click here


3 categories in 2 phases:


  • Open Street Men
  • Open Street Women
  • Miniramp


  • Open: Thursday and Friday. Qualifying for the legendary O Marisquiño Ranking!
  • Invitational: Saturday and Sunday. Qualifying for the legendary World Cup Skateboarding!

Open Challenge! 

Qualifying in the Open means skating in the Invitational with a roster of skaters selected as the best seafood of the year and you can aim for the 2024 glory and one of the succulent…


WCS Street Men and Women

1 - €3000

2 - €1500

3 - €800

4 - €400

5 - €200

WCS Miniramp

1 - €2000

2 - €1000

3 - €500

4 - €250

5 - €150

…or one of the volatile tickets of our frenetic…


Miniramp Cash For Tricks!: €400

Cut-off Notes - Street Men Classification Criteria

  • Pole Position: Skaters who are in the top 70% of the total qualifiers in the 2023 Qualifiers will continue competing in this round in 2024. This year, the cut-off position is 65. Skaters below this position will compete in the Pre-Qualifiers. 
  • Wildcards: When a skater qualified for the 2023 Semifinals (top 15 in the Qualifiers phase) is selected as an invitee by the WCS for the 2024 Semifinals, the next descending skater in the Qualifiers ranking stays in the phase. 
  • New Faces: New participants will skate based on the selection criteria of the committee, which will assess the level to fit the total roster of competitors. In this case, the next ascending skater moves down to the Pre-Qualifiers phase.

Why the pole position system?

As you know and have experienced in previous years, O Marisquiño is held over a very short period of time.

If you look at the 2023 results, you'll see a photo finish of the current state of skateboarding in both Spain and a large part of Europe. 

We have many riders skating O Marisquiño, and therefore, it is necessary to have an order of skaters and criteria that promote a balanced competition segmented over the 4 days of the competition.


Mark the dates! It's important!

August 8th to 11th, 2024.